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Were you charged with a criminal drug offense such as possession, trafficking, or distribution? The Law Offices of Farid Ahmed is here to help you and fight to protect your rights. Our skilled Queens criminal defense lawyer can push back against aggressive prosecutors and assist you in the preservation of your liberties.

Despite changes under New York state law that lessen the severity of mandatory punishment for select drug violations, prosecutors may want to seek penalties involving mandatory jail time and other harsh penalties. Our knowledgeable attorney can help advocate for those charged with possession in order to reduce sentences or avoid them altogether. For example, we can argue that treatment programs are a more advantageous sentence than jail time, as they can help rehabilitate individuals to become productive members of society.

Let Our Team Fight for You!

Our team handles all types of drug cases, including those that involve charges of:

Additionally, we represent clients whose charges involve various types of controlled substances and illegal narcotics, such as:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Meth
  • Prescription drugs

In our years of practice, we have obtained successful plea arrangements for numerous clients across the boroughs of New York City. In several criminal defense cases, we have even helped our clients receive dismissals and acquittals. Whether you are facing a felony or misdemeanor drug charge, our aggressive representation can help you navigate the criminal defense system and increase your chances of avoiding a harsh prison sentence.

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